The topics of the 3rd SEERC Conference in Vienna are:

1. Transition to Future Power Systems in the SEERC Region

  • Development of generation portfolio and Market Design (impact on power system control and operation)
  • Efficiency, sustainability and environmental aspects
  • Integration and influence of RES and electric vehicles
  • Ageing assets
  • Power System Resilience and Stability (impact of RES, extreme weather conditions)

2. Cross Border Cooperation in the SEERC Region

  • Regional cooperation in research and innovation
  • Cross-border balancing market and regional electricity market for greater integration of RES
  • Grid congestions
  • TSO/DSO cooperation (e.g. integration of flexibility)
  • Power System Development (cyber security, forecasting tools, loss of rotating generators, active power reserves)

3. Innovation and New Technologies in the SEERC Region

  • Power cables (increasing share in the grid, subsea connections)
  • Energy Storage (new technologies, cost/benefit analysis, carbon capture, use cases)
  • Experience in HVDC technology
  • Monitoring systems (e.g. wide area monitoring, sensors, dynamic rating, drones)
  • Experiences in applying innovation and new technologies (generators, substation equipment, maintenance, modern diagnostic systems, telecommunication, block chain)
We welcome you to submit your paper.