"We are pleased to announce a Panel on the History of the Electric Power System in the Region at SEERC Colloquium in Vienna 2022
Klemens Reich
Management Board Member

The South-East European Regional Council of CIGRE

CIGRE is one of the world’s oldest international technical organizations and has a great tradition in the region of Central and South-East Europe. Many Countries founded CIGRE National Committees as the central hub for information and knowledge sharing of electric power systems, as well as creation of new standards and recommendations.

The South East European Regional Council of CIGRE (SEERC) is the fourth World Region of CIGRE and was established on 13th of May 2013 in the small Adriatic town Miločer in Montenegro, at a meeting in the hotel Maestral Resort & Casino. In presence of the President of CIGRE, Prof. Klaus Fröhlich, and Secretary General of CIGRE, Francoise Meslier, representatives from nine National Committees of CIGRE (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the legal document enabling the start of operation. Kresimir Bakic, current chair of the Slovenian NC CIGRE, was elected to be the first chairperson of SEERC. Three CIGRE National Committees (Austria, Greece and Hungary) sent supporting letters for establishing the new CIGRE Region and promised to sign the MoU in the coming period. At the next Administrative Council of CIGRE, on 25th of September 2013 in Kazan (Russia), this initiative was officially approved as the fourth Region of CIGRE. Thus, all official requirements were fulfilled for operation of the new global CIGRE Region named SEERC.

The South-East European Regional Council of CIGRE (SEERC) will expand the positive aspects of CIGRE to South-East Europe.

The population of SEERC comprises more than 270 million persons and has a great potential for fast development of the power engineering sector. The close cooperation of South East European countries within SEERC offers better possibilities for development of the future power network and market.

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