3rd SEERC Conference

SEERC Colloquium Vienna 2022


“Green Deal for the SEERC Region – The Future Power System in the SEERC Region” – under this motto the CIGRE SEERC Colloquium is taking place in Vienna, Austria, May, 31st to June, 2nd in 2022.

CIGRE is a global community committed to the collaborative development and sharing of power system expertise. The community features thousands of professionals from over 90 countries and 1250 member organizations, including some of the world’s leading experts. At its heart are CIGRE’s 59 in country National Committees offering diverse technical perspectives and expertise from every corner of the globe. The National Committee of Austria is organizing this CIGRE’s knowledge programme and international event, mainly focused on CIGRE SEERC.

The South East European Regional Council of CIGRE (SEERC) expands the philosophy of CIGRE as a central hub for information and knowledge sharing to South-East Europe. The close cooperation between those countries within SEERC offers better possibilities for development of the future power network and market to provide a safe and reliable electrical energy supply to the more than 200 million inhabitants of SEERC member countries.

The development and implementation of technologies and solutions for the transformation of the energy system to a sustainable energy supply is the main issue and challenge internationally. The expansion of renewables needs to be accompanied by a series of important measures if the climate targets are to be achieved.

The complete programme of this Colloquium includes the latest scientific contributions, inspiring keynotes, panel discussions (History of SEERC, New Generation Network, Women in Energy), and a visit to the brand new DC Lab of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and networking opportunities to meet and talk face-to-face again.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Vienna, Austria!

Please have a look at the detailed programme and use this link to register directly.

The price list for the tickets can be found here. All paid registrations from 2020/21 can be credited for the new event.


The topics of the colloquium are:

  1. Transition to Future Power Systems in the SEERC Region
    • Development of generation portfolio and Market Design (impact on power system control and operation)
    • Efficiency, sustainability and environmental aspects
    • Integration and influence of RES and electric vehicles
    • Ageing assets
    • Power System Resilience and Stability (impact of RES, extreme weather conditions)


  1. Cross Border Cooperation in the SEERC Region
    • Regional cooperation in research and innovation
    • Cross-border balancing market and regional electricity market for greater integration of RES
    • Grid congestions
    • TSO/DSO cooperation (e.g. integration of flexibility)
    • Power System Development (cyber security, forecasting tools, loss of rotating generators, active power reserves)


  1. Innovation and New Technologies in the SEERC Region
    • Power cables (increasing share in the grid, subsea connections)
    • Energy Storage (new technologies, cost/benefit analysis, carbon capture, use cases)
    • Experience in HVDC technology
    • Monitoring systems (e.g. wide area monitoring, sensors, dynamic rating, drones)
    • Experiences in applying innovation and new technologies (generators, substation equipment, maintenance, modern diagnostic systems, telecommunication, block chain)