3rd SEERC Conference

Postponement of the 3rd SEERC Conference

In the beginning of 2020, COVID19 started to spread around the world and was officially declared a pandemic.
In March it was foreseeable, that many restriction concerning events will take place and so we decided to postpone.

As can be seen now, the pandemic is far from over, there are still many travel and health restrictions in place. At the moment it is not possible to hold an international Conference with over 300 people.

That’s why we, NC Austria, have to postpone the conference again.
We tried to find a date where other conferences are not affected and we think that we managed to do that.

The 3rd SEERC conference will be held from 29.11.2021 to 02.12.2021.

I am optimistic, that in November 2021, the spreading of the virus will be more or less under control and that the conference can be held with the high quality it deserves.

The submitted papers are still valid, but can be updated if the authors wish so.
Further information will be provided on the conference website and via mail in the following weeks.

Klemens Reich
Chairman of SEERC

3rd SEERC Conference

On behalf of myself and the Austrian National Committee, I am pleased to welcome you to the 2020 Conference of the South East European Regional Council of CIGRE, SEERC, in Vienna.
The conference will be held in Vienna from the 29th of November to the 2nd of December 2021.

The South East European Regional Council of CIGRE (SEERC) expands the philosophy of cigre as a central hub for information and knowledge sharing to South-East Europe. The close cooperation between those countries within SEERC offers better possibilities for development of the future power network and market to provide a safe and reliable electrical energy supply to the more than 200 million inhabitants of SEERC member countries.

As the capital and largest city of Austria Vienna offers a variety of insights into its history and culture including world famous sights like the Schloss Schönbrunn, St. Stephen’s cathedral, the Hundertwasser house and many more. Home to 19 universities, Vienna is also an important Austrian hub of research and science.
The theme of the SEERC Conference 2021 is: Cooperation – Sustainability – Future
The aim of the conference is not only to share the latest research, but also to give an outlook of the future of electricity grids and electricity markets within the SEERC Region. The upcoming challenges can only be solved by working together, so this conference should also be a place to strengthen existing partnerships and start new cooperations.
The topics of the conference are:

    • Transition to Future Power Systems in the SEERC Region
    • Cross Border Cooperation in the SEERC Region
    • Innovation and New Technologies in the SEERC Region
I am also pleased to announce that there will be a panel on “History of the Electric Power System in the Region” at our conference.
I am looking forward to welcome you to Vienna in 2021.
Best Regards,
Klemens Reich
and the entire Austrian National Commitee